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matched as dead as dodo

Being accepted to was a dream of every bloggers exist. They introduce a very interesting concept which to me is favourable to publishers. They try to tell the world that the most modern and hard-to-understand search engine, Google is not the only source of money. I rambled a bit about at my July income report.

It’s kinda a sad story for a lot of publishers who made descent amount of money with (and that includes me). On Nov 20, I got an email from their administration stated that they shut down their business, here’s their explanation: “after much careful consideration, it has been decided not to progress the project to the next stage.”

Matched Concept was the most unique and I can say, a sexy ad network. They pay their publishers a fix amount of money £3.00 for every accepted domain that shows their ad (the payment is on monthly basis, you can add 5 more pages on accepted domains). No matter what you write, from make money online weblog to article marketing weblog, you have a fair opportunity to make money with

As long as you have a blog, chances being accepted to publishers program are high. They don’t care about your traffic, as long as they found your ‘match’, and you display their ad, you’ll get the money. That’s why I think Matched is sexy. That is a sincere compliment.
The Way of The Dodo

Like BlogRush, another extinct big name, somehow find that they are not able to continue with their unique concept. They did not say a word about why they took the decision to close down their business (obviously they are good at keeping secrets). Two possibilities of extinction:

* Publicity issue
* Financial issue

To say that they are not getting enough publicity is not true, most bloggers were talking about them and they are worshiped. According to Mr-knows-everything, Alexa, Matched has 52,161 traffic rank, not a pretty bad rank to me. Probably they have some financial issues, I’m not pretty sure about that, because they pay £3.00 for every pages even that page contain education articles. That is a huge money to pay if you have a lot of accepted bloggers.

Being so unique substantively is not the way we should be, what is the most important thing is to be realistic and make sense.

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