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RIM BlackBerry Storm (Verizon Wireless)

Product summary

The goodThe good: The RIM BlackBerry Storm features an innovative touch screen that provides tactile feedback to confirm your selection. The Storm offers dual-mode functionality for world-roaming capabilities as well as EV-DO Rev. A and UMTS/HSDPA support. Other highlights include GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

The badThe bad: The Storm's SurePress touch screen takes some acclimation, and the onscreen keyboard is a bit cramped. The smartphone can be sluggish, particularly the accelerometer and multimedia applications. Speakerphone quality was a bit choppy.

he bottom line: The RIM BlackBerry Storm may blow in a frenzy for Verizon Wireless subscribers wanting a touch screen similar to the Apple iPhone. However, die-hard texters, e-mailers, and corporate users may be better served with the BlackBerry Bold or other QWERTY device.

Specifications: OS provided: BlackBerry Handheld Software; Installed RAM: 128 MB; Band / mode: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) / UMTS 2100 / CDMA 800/1900 (Dual Band); ; See full specs

Price range: $199.99

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