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Winstep Xtreme 8.11

Winstep Xtreme 8.11 | 16 Mb
Winstep Xtreme - New solution in the design desktop! The program is designed to fully replace the standard shell Windows.

The package includes several modules (NextSTART, WorkShelf, FontBrowser, NeXuS), each of which performs its role in the design work has become. NextSTART responsible for the complete replacement of the Start menu, the taskbar and tray, which is very flexible.
WorkShelf - is a complete replacement of desktop.
FontBrowser - handy viewer font. NeXuS - multilevel “dock” for quick access to frequently used applications.
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  1. wow english thanks dah berkunjung ke blogkuh, keren neh postingnya :D

  2. Thanks For winstep xtremenya..Bro


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